Episode 2

Published on:

23rd Jun 2021

Moment of Clarity: Boredom in Recovery 2

Did you know?…  So many of us who slip into old behavior and relapse are   simple victims of boredom. Boredom leads to risky behavior which leads to shameful acts which leads to shame - and shame is an emotional drunk – and in time … and in time we get loaded. Paying attention to others in recovery can be a fascinating adventure. To watch some suffering soul miraculously heal - and to know that the time and attention you invested made it possible will produce an indescribable joy. These legacies of suffering and of recovery are easily passed among us in the kinship of common suffering – and if you stick around long enough… it’s INTERESTING!

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About the Podcast

In This Moment with Toby C
In This Moment w/ Toby C. is a "concept" show.
The "concept" is for the suffering listener to imagine themselves getting better....
How?... By imagining themselves paying attention to another suffering soul - and firing up the other person's imagination - that they too, will get better. That "this too shall pass." This is a concept show that enables the listener / sufferer to get better through the imagination. The imagination is a first cousin of something called faith. This faith / imagination is a portal through which the sufferer, through the power of the open mind, can begin a journey to move away from destructive self-consciousness and closer toward the healing power of God-consciousness. The final concept of this show is that the listener / sufferer will change their "message" - from the insanity of the head to the serenity of the heart.. How? .... Through sponsorship.... listen... every show has a subliminal message from God... Keep an open mind and let Him in! God Bless and happy healing!!